I sent that a few days ago and since then I've been throwing myself into relearning Emacs. It's been a while since I've used it, my work of the last couple of years had taken me away from needing a serious technical working environment like Emacs, I've been getting by with terminal and Vi and...Word. Always on the lookout for a new productivity tool, watching the guy work with org-mode in Emacs was a bit of an eye-opener, it seemed so powerful. Now we're near the end of the week I've built a whole new productivity structure based around Emacs and org-mode and I'm super impressed with the flexibility of it.

I'm using the MobileOrg Android app for mobile access and this has proved to be quite an impressive bit of kit. I've configured the app to automatically synchronise with Dropbox and to add Agenda events to the Android calendar, which syncs to Google Calendar. As such, all I have to do is push out the Org files to MobileOrg from Emacs and eventually (give it a few minutes) any scheduled tasks and deadlines pop up on my Google Calendar.

I've now only go about 10 years to go before I'm really proficient in Emacs and Org.