Inspired by Springwatch, Ciara and I have decided to leave a patch of the lawn un-mown. We're hoping to grow some long grass and weeds and have a bunch of bugs move in - it's also a great excuse not to worry about a crappy patch of lawn. It will be nice to do a small part to help wildlife struggling with climate change, destruction of hedgerows and people who think it's a great idea to deck and concrete over their green spaces. The 2016 RSPB State of Nature report suggests the UK is amongst the most nature depleted countries in the world.[1]

So far so good on our wild part of the garden, we've a couple of different types of long grass weeds and it's not all dandelions. This is after three weeks of growth:

Giving the mower a rest

I've just been reading the RSPB blog on making your garden wildlife friendly [^1] and will be taking their suggestion of sprinkling a few choice wild flower seeds around the place - and looking at their blog, I'm inclined to increase the uncut lawn area a small amount.

I've planted a few heather and will target this area below with wild seed. I'd like to get a water thing going on too here...something a bit boggy but without hurting the acer tree. Tricky. I'm thinking a wide bird bath will do for now to give the tweeterers something to splash about in...we'll worry about frogs and dragonflies another day.

I love the idea, again from RSBP contributors, of using sections of bitumen covered corrugated roofing [1:1] that provide warm dry and safe areas for smaller garden dwellers, though I'm not sure the wife will approve. We don't have a big garden.

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