2019-04-21. 22:00 - 00:30
Seeing: III
Transparency: 4
Moon: 92%. Not yet risen. Moderate to strong moon glow on horizon
8.5ºC.  85% Humidity
SQM 20.51 (iPhone App)
Scope.  250mm,  FL:1200mm, f4.7
Eyepieces: 25mm + 12mm

Clear Easter Sunday night so I thought I'd tick off some Virgo Galaxies from the big Spring cluster of galaxies. Clear night but I had the sense of haze in the sky, it's been a very hot couple of days and the dust would have kicked up. Neighbours played ball and for the most part kept their lights off.

Most of the observation session was a case of "yep, seen it". There are so many galaxies in this part of the sky and the sky was just a bit too bright for closer observations. By the end of the session the sky was very washed out and galaxies that should have been clear were very faint white blobs. Assume all of these observations are "faint white blob"...

NGC4608 . (+11.91)
NGC4596. (+10.32)
M60 & NGC4647.  (+8.78/NGC4647). M60 was easy and I'd hope so too at that magnitude but it was nice to be able to make out its 4647 partner.
NGC4648. (+11.12)
M58. (+9.53)
NGC4550. (+11.56).
M90. (+9.36)
M87. (+8.67)
M86. (+9.01)
M84. (+8.79)
M88. (+9.36)