Excellent viewing session! Well planned with primary goal of seeing Neptune accomplished. I've trialled using a trolly attached to the bottom of the dob but this has made it way too unstable and I thought it was going to topple a couple of times. They will be coming off before the next session. I spent a good while with the new Cheshire collimator while it was still light and I think it's the best collimation the scope has had. Good seeing this evening and I got a perfect star collimation check.

Transparency: 5, Seeing: 4
Scope: 1200/254 f4.7 Dobsonian

21:15. M71 - Globular Cluster in Sagitta

Starting with M71 while waiting for the main event. This was an irregular globular with about 20 obviously resolvable starts and lots of mushed together milky stars.

21:50. NGC 7635 - Bubble Nebula in Cassiopeia + M52

25mm, 8mm, UHC filter
I thought I'd give the Bubble Nebula a go as Cassiopeia was easily visible. I found M52 easily and used that to find the Bubble. Close analysis of the star chart shows that NGC7635 has a prominent forground star, SAO575. Starting with 25mm (48x) and the UHC filter I could see nebulosity using averted vision. Switching to 8mm (150mm) I could still see nebulosity with the faintest edge to the bubble. I was happy to see this mag +11 nebula over the neighbours lights. I was very happy with the performance of the scope, filter and eyepeice. At 25mm (approx 1˚ fov), both the Bubble Nebula and M52 are visible in the same field of view. There was other nebulosity visible in the region.

22:45. Neptune in Aquarius

Now time for the main attraction. It did takeme a while to fine Neptune as I was looking in the wrong place...I wasn't even in the right constelation. Neptune is in Aquarius at the moment (not Pisces where I was looking). I needed help from SkySafari to pinpoint its location. Wow! That's one tiny fuzzy blue dot! Well, at least I can say I've seen it.

Almach - 𝛾1 Andromedae Double Star

To finish off I looked at Almach, a gorgeous double, and apparently a quad! Almach A is a giant, with B a cool white/blue start. I kidded myself that I'd split B with C. Highly unlikely.