I've had a break from astronomy as we've just got a new puppy (welcome to the family Monty) so this was my first session for a while. Have purchased a Cheshire collimator. The laser collimator, was, to be honest, a piece of shit. Buy cheap? Buy twice. Collimation was way off before I made any changes with the Cheshire, so now I've more confidence in the scope. Two other accessories tonight - a shroud for the dobsonian and a UHC filter from Explore Scientific which comes in a lovely presentation case for some reason.

Seeing:3, Transparency: 6-7
Scope: 1200/254 f4.7 Dobsonian
Weather: Partly cloudy.

Clear night but poor seeing. Very shaky defocussed stars typical of the time of year. With the 25mm I started concentrating on Sadir (๐›พ Cyg) and Denen (๐›ผ Cyg) as they have plenty of nebulosity according to the charts. At first look I couldn't see any nebulosity and then the cloud came over so I looked elsewhere.

M27 - Dumbell Nebula in Vulpecula

25mm, UHC filter
I've seen this before but this was the first time with the UHC filter. I could see considerably more nebulosity, enough for it to obscure the "dumbell" shape.

M57 - Ring Nebula in Lyra

25mm, UHC filter
Nice green ring, very well defined. Small in the 25mm (48x) but very clear.

Pelican Nebula in Cygnus

25mm, UHC filter
Back in Cygnus again now the clouds have passed. I think I saw nebulosity. I feel the 25mm may not be wide enough for this region as it's hard to get the edge of a nebulous region that's large than the FOV of the eyepiece. There was some nebulosity visible but no structure. I'd still say that's a yes though.

M29 - Open Cluster in Cygnus

Caught this accidentally while sweeing to look for nebulosity. Some nice colour in the stars.